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Joe White

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“America’s War On Drugs has morphed into a war against people of color. Simple marijuana possession has tagged millions with the felony label, and nowhere is this more evident than Detroit. Recent data suggest Detroit MI. is ...


I have watched 2 of my sons fall prey to heroin over the last 4 years and have seen many friends of theirs die and/or end up in prison. We must stop this monster that is destroying our children, families and communities.

Barry Cull

Professor (no photo provided)

“As Chair of the Board for Supportive Housing of Waterloo I have seen how helping people attain affordable housing and access to a variety of supports is a cost-effective way of restoring people’s dignity.”

Sandra Ruch

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“I fully endorse drug policy reform from all levels of government and civil society.”

Ronald Holt

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“I am a 21-year-veteran at the Chicago Police Department, where I am now a Commander/Director of it’s city-wide community policing unit, Chicago Alternative Policing Division. I must honestly say that when I was working the s ...

Janice Jones-Johnson

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“My family and I have been the victims on the so-called “Other side of the fence”. My favorite brother had a drug addiction that has cost our family his presence for many, many years. He is doing an “Endless Sente ...

Judy Reamy

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“While I was still in college, I had to do a research paper on the War Against Crime. What I discovered is that over the years, there have been multiple versions of this war and they’ve all failed. A definition of insanity is ...

Gita Masiques

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“The utter failure of the war on drugs has cost us dearly in moral, social and economic terms, and it is high time (pun intended) we put an end to it. A potential plan:

1. Decriminalize marihuana at a national level, under ...

Michael McMurtry

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“I am a retired Calif. Correctional Officer, with 9 years on the job. That means I spent NINE YEARS on the inside of the PRISON, same as the rest of the inmates! No, I didn’t have to defecate in front of others, or have to g ...

Thomas Nonn

Website Visitor (no photo provided)

“Stop this war on the poor. A poor man calls his wife, a rich man calls his lawyer.”