Exploring the Influence of Cannabis in Music, Movies & Art

Cannabis or any other addictive substance that can transport a person into a transcendental state or give them a sense of bliss has always had a major influence on all pieces of art, be it music, art or movies.

In ancient times, court poets and musicians were known to consume addictive substances to innovate and create in a more effective manner. So, if you, too, are interested in the arts and you are running out of creative ideas, it may not be a bad idea to try some cannabis.

Cannabis or magic mushroom gummies are readily available on different websites (https://trehouse.com/collections/magic-mushroom-gummies/). However, before you actually make a purchase or consume mushroom gummies, read this particular blog post so that you get a fair idea of how Cannabis affects those who have an artistic inclination.

Cannabis and Its Impact on The Creation of Music

Cannabis and Its Impact on The Creation of Music

Consumption of Cannabis affects not only those who create music but also those who listen to it. A person who is under the influence of Cannabis will hear notes, words or tunes differently than those who are not under its influence. So, here are some points that illustrate the impact that Cannabis has on music and musicians.

Jazz and Its Long Time Association with Addictive Substances Like Cannabis

Jazz music was popularized and practiced by those people who were immigrants to the United States. These people inhabited the Caribbean islands, and they, in a way, also popularized the use of Cannabis. So much was the influence of Cannabis in jazz music that popular jazz music bars started selling cannabis cigarettes, and they became well-known as jazz cigarettes.

Many famous musicians of that time have stressed the fact that the consumption of Cannabis allowed them to perform musical improvisation, which is essential in jazz music.

There are many examples where renowned jazz musicians have used Cannabis, and one such example is that of Louis Armstrong. Armstrong is a professional trumpet player, and many sources suggest that Cannabis had a key role to play in the creation of his famous musical piece Muggles.

Apart from Armstrong, Cab Calloway was also well known for creating amazing music pieces under the influence of Cannabis. In fact, he created many songs which were dedicated to the consumption and use of addictive substances like Cannabis.

Rock and Roll

Another form of music that is heavily influenced by the use of Cannabis is rock and roll. All through the 1950s and 1960s, that is, for a period covering almost two decades, rock and roll artists played a role in making Cannabis and its consumption acceptable in society at large.

Although the name cannabis may not be directly used in the lyrics of a song, indirect and subtle references to the plant were made. For instance, world-famous and Nobel prize winner singer Bob Dylan used the words plants in his compositions. Most people believe that the plant that he referred to in his composition was nothing but marijuana.

Apart from Bob Dylan, the most popular band in the world, The Beatles have several famous albums that refer to addictive substances. The Revolver is one such famous album where addictive substances have been referred to. Apart from this, songs like Got to Get You in My Life were about the love for addictive substances.

So, you can see that some of the most famous artists in the world, like Bob Dylan and the singers The Beatles, have professed their love for addictive substances like marijuana. However, at times, their work has directly spoken about marijuana. At other times, there have been indirect hints that the audiences have picked up.

Marijuana and Movies

Marijuana and Movies

Just like music, movies and cinema-makers have been influenced by the use of addictive substances. A list of films that marijuana has an important role to play has been discussed here, revealing not only its impact on artistic creation but also prompting questions about how long these movies stay in theaters.

Dazed and Confused

As is evident from the title of the film this particular film talks about the life of a bunch of high school boys and what happens on the last day of their school. This film has superstars like Ben Affleck, and it talks a lot about the free spirit of that era. Moreover, the rebellious side of the school kids is also highlighted, and their indulgence in addictive substances is also well reflected in the film.


This film is a cult classic that is quite popular to this date. Marijuana consumption is a central theme in this film, and in many of the scenes, the consumption of this addictive substance is seen as a means of relaxation via which people can avoid the regular tensions of one’s life. Moreover, friends bond over their love for Cannabis throughout the film.

There are several other films like Half Baked, where the role of addictive substances is talked about in great detail, so much so that it can be considered to be an underlying theme of the film.

Cannabis and Art

Cannabis and Art

Like musicians and filmmakers, artists too have taken the help of addictive substances to uplift their creative potential. One interesting example of an artist who used and loved Cannabis is discussed here.

Cliff Maynard

This particular artist was highly influenced by the state of mind caused by smoking weed. He also used the paper that was used to wrap or pack the weed to create his art pieces.


This article shows how several art forms, be it music, movies or painting, have been influenced by addictive substances. Some of the greatest minds of all time, like the legendary Bob Dylan, have used marijuana.

In fact, many poets have stated that whenever they suffer something similar to writer’s block, they take the help of some form of addictive substance, be it Cannabis or alcohol, to overcome writer’s block. So, there is no doubt that marijuana helps in creating great ideas, but it should always be taken in moderation, even if people are using it for creative purposes.