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Where to Watch Monster Anime? [Free and Paid Options]

When I first started watching Monster, I had no idea what an emotional rollercoaster I was signing up for. Following Dr. Kenzo Tenma on his hunt for Johan Liebert across Europe opens your eyes in so many ways.

You can really feel Tenma’s inner conflict – how much it tortures him to go against his oath as a doctor. But Johan is no ordinary patient. The things he does just turn your stomach. And the more Tenma learns about his past, the more that sense of unease grows.

What struck me most was how real the characters seem. Their morals get tested in Grey areas you can totally relate to. By the end, I was on the edge of my seat every episode to see who’d be affected by Johan’s latest machinations.

This show gets under your skin by tapping into the darkness that exists in us all. Even its settings had me glued – the atmosphere in each city was like another character. I’d never wanted a villain stopped more but also never understood evil on such a deep level.

And if you are wondering where can you watch this show, I will now share all of the well-known options available.


Ready to explore the gripping tale of Dr. Tenma? Well, you should consider free solutions since there are quite a few.

The Upscale Project

Monster - The Upscale Project

The Upscale Project stands out as a unique source, offering the complete series with all 75 episodes. What sets this option apart is the AI-upscaled 1080p quality, providing a visually enhanced viewing experience.

Ad-free, payment-free viewing just removes any unnecessary barriers too. Fans new and old all get treated to the same premium experience, with ease. That thoughtful care for the audience’s comfort shows real passion behind the project.


Monster Anime - Youtube

YouTube offers a casual way for fans to watch different episodes of the series, but it’s hit or miss. You never know if the episode you’re looking for will be there, and the quality can be all over the place—some videos might be low-resolution or have bad audio.

Besides that, you can’t usually watch the entire series in order, which is pretty annoying if you’re trying to follow the whole story.

Amazon Prime US (Free Trial)

Amazon Prime Video Japan - Monster Anime

Amazon Prime US offers a free trial period, allowing you to watch the series at no immediate cost. Just remember that this is only a temporary option, and the trial will end after a certain period. To avoid any charges, keep track of when the trial expires.

Also, starting the trial requires a valid credit card.

Paid Options

If you are fascinated by the dark and brilliant story, you may want to know how to watch the whole series legally. This section will guide you through the different paid options that are available, and the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Netflix Subscription

Anime Monster - Netflix

Netflix carries the show “Monster” mainly in the United States and Canada, which makes it easy for viewers in those areas to watch. The service also offers several language options, including the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, as well as a French dub with English subtitles.

For those outside the US and Canada, watching “Monster” on Netflix might involve using a VPN or proxy service, which complicates things a bit. Since Netflix is a subscription-based platform, it offers different plans, so you can pick one that suits your budget and viewing habits.

Amazon Prime Video Japan

Amazon Prime Video Japan - Monster

This service offers the show exclusively in untranslated Japanese, making it ideal for native speakers or those fluent in the language. It’s perfect for viewers in Japan or those who have access to Japanese digital services.

However, this might not be a practical option for a global audience.

Physical Media (Amazon and eBay)

Monster Anime on Ebay

For hardcore Monster fans seeking a long-term collection, physical DVDs can be found through vendors like Amazon and eBay. However, availability may vary over time as with any out-of-print media. Prices too could fluctuate based on marketplace supply and demand dynamics.

Purchasing physical copies also involves practical challenges like shipping delays and costs, especially internationally.

Final Words

Monster, a psychological thriller anime, is acclaimed for its exploration of morality and evil, following Dr. Kenzo Tenma and his encounter with Johan Liebert, a child-turned serial killer. With an IMDb rating of 8.6, it’s praised for its complex plot and rich European cultural influences.

Viewers can watch all 75 episodes for free through The Upscale Project in AI-upscaled 1080p, or via Amazon Prime US’s free trial, with YouTube as a less reliable option. Paid options include Netflix in the US and Canada, and untranslated Japanese on Amazon Prime Video Japan.

English-dubbed DVDs are also available for purchase. This anime’s gripping narrative and psychological depth make it a must-watch, despite some regional viewing limitations.