Where to Watch What Is a Woman Documentary – Discover the Best Platforms


With the rise of streaming platforms and increased interest in thought-provoking content, documentaries have found their golden age.

Among them, “What Is a Woman” stands out, offering a compelling look into the lives, experiences, and challenges faced by women around the world. But where exactly can one watch this documentary? Let’s begin.

Platforms Offering the Documentary


Netflix, one of the world’s leading entertainment service providers, has been the hub for a plethora of documentaries, catering to a global audience. “What Is a Woman” is no exception and has found its place amidst the rich catalog of this streaming giant.

Ever since its inception, Netflix has been known for hosting a myriad of content spanning different genres. The advantage of using Netflix to watch “What Is a Woman” lies in its unparalleled reach.

Regardless of where you are located, as long as there’s Netflix, there’s a good chance you’ll find the documentary. For subscribers, watching is as simple as typing in the title and pressing play. Non-subscribers might need to take up a trial or get a subscription.

It’s worth noting that Netflix’s dynamic content library might vary by region. So, ensure it’s available in your country before diving in.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Another titan in the world of streaming, Amazon Prime Video has been serving millions with top-tier content. Their diverse library boasts a collection that caters to every taste, and “What Is a Woman” has found its audience here as well.

Amazon Prime Video is known for its flexibility in terms of content consumption. You can either stream it as a part of your Prime membership or rent/purchase the documentary separately.

Its compatibility with multiple devices – from smart TVs to mobile phones – ensures you can watch “What Is a Woman” anywhere, anytime. Just ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Physical and On-demand Platforms

DVD and Blu-Ray

DVD and Blu-Ray

While the era of physical copies might seem to be fading, there’s still a significant market and appreciation for DVDs and Blu-rays. For collectors and those without a strong internet connection, this can be a preferred choice.

DVDs and Blu-rays offer a tangible aspect that digital platforms can’t replicate. For many, the act of physically owning a copy, with its artwork and additional features, has its charm. “What Is a Woman” has been released in both these formats.

You can find it in local stores or online platforms like eBay, Walmart, or Best Buy. Remember to check compatibility, as regional coding can sometimes be an issue.

Cable and Satellite TV

Cable tv

  • Not everyone is on the streaming bandwagon. Traditional cable and satellite TV have their fair share of audience, and they’ve also embraced “What Is a Woman” for their viewers.
  • Many premium channels have scheduled airings of the documentary. It’s a matter of checking the program guide and setting a reminder or recording.
  • On-demand options also exist with many service providers. You can rent or purchase the documentary directly through your cable or satellite provider’s interface.

Community Screenings and Local Libraries

For those who prefer the social experience of watching a film, community centers, and independent cinemas offer a unique atmosphere. These places not only screen the documentary but also often host discussions post-viewing.

A viewing at a community center or independent cinema can be an enriching experience. Sharing thoughts and discussing various aspects of “What Is a Woman” with a group can offer diverse perspectives.

Keep an eye out for local listings, community boards, or websites of independent cinemas. They often host special screenings and events dedicated to documentaries like this.

Public Libraries

public libraries

  • Public libraries, the unsung heroes of free access to knowledge and entertainment, might have a copy of “What Is a Woman” for their patrons.
  • Libraries have been evolving with the times. Along with books, many now offer DVDs and Blu-rays for borrowing. It’s an excellent resource for those on a budget.
  • Check with your local library’s catalog. Even if they don’t have a copy, many libraries are part of larger networks and can request the documentary from another branch.

Educational Institutions and Film Schools

University and College Screenings


Educational institutions, especially those with dedicated film and media departments, often host screenings of important documentaries for their students and faculty. “What Is a Woman” has educational significance and offers profound insights, making it a top pick for many institutions.

The setting in a university or college allows for more academic discussions. Post-screening talks can include faculty members, guest speakers, or filmmakers themselves, providing in-depth analysis and exploration of the documentary’s themes.

To catch such screenings, keep tabs on the events or announcements page of local universities and colleges. Even if you’re not a student, many of these institutions allow public access to such events, sometimes for a small fee or even free.

Film schools around the globe emphasize the importance of documentary filmmaking, and “What Is a Woman” serves as a prime example of excellent storytelling combined with a critical message. Students and enthusiasts at film schools are treated to regular screenings of noteworthy films and documentaries.

Here, the emphasis is often on dissecting the filmmaking techniques, narrative structures, and stylistic choices. Engage with local film schools and look out for public screening schedules. These can be especially insightful, as you might get a chance to hear future filmmakers discuss their take on the documentary and its impact on the medium.

Online Discussion Forums and Fan Groups

Documentary Enthusiast Forums

The online world is replete with communities and forums dedicated to documentary enthusiasts. Such platforms often share resources, insights, and links related to where one can watch particular documentaries, including “What Is a Woman.”

Being part of these forums can open up avenues not just for viewing but also for rich discussions, reviews, and debates. Sharing with like-minded individuals can amplify the viewing experience.

Websites like Reddit, DocuLink, and Documentary Addict have active communities. Join in, participate in discussions, and stay updated on where and when you can catch the latest documentaries.

Social Media Fan Groups

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have myriad fan groups and pages dedicated to documentary films and series. These fan groups often organize virtual watch parties, share links to lesser-known platforms streaming the documentary, or even provide updates on any special screenings or events related to “What Is a Woman.”

By being a part of such groups, you not only stay updated but also get to engage with fans from around the world, sharing experiences, opinions, and sometimes even exclusive content related to the documentary.


Why is the “What Is a Woman” documentary gaining so much attention?

“What Is a Woman” documentary provides a profound exploration into the multifaceted lives, experiences, and identities of women across different cultures and contexts.

Its unique approach to storytelling and its insightful presentation on gender dynamics, cultural nuances, and societal expectations make it a must-watch, thus garnering significant attention.

Are there any supplemental materials or companion pieces available with the documentary?

While this article focuses primarily on viewing platforms, many of these platforms and DVD/Blu-Ray releases often come with supplemental materials like behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the creators, or commentary tracks.

Additionally, there may be independent companion pieces or discussion guides available online to further enhance the viewing experience.

How long is the “What Is a Woman” documentary?

The exact length can vary depending on versions or additional content, but the standard runtime for “What Is a Woman” documentary is approximately 90 minutes.

Is the documentary suitable for younger audiences?

“What Is a Woman” is designed to be thought-provoking and contains real-life narratives. While it’s informative and educational, parents and educators are advised to preview it first to determine if it’s appropriate for younger audiences, especially since some discussions might be mature in nature.

Are there any international versions or translations available for non-English speakers?

Yes, recognizing its global relevance, the “What Is a Woman” documentary has been translated into multiple languages. Many streaming platforms also offer subtitles in various languages, ensuring a broader audience can engage with its content.

How has the reception been for the documentary? Have there been any awards or nominations?

“What Is a Woman” has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike for its depth, authenticity, and compelling narratives. It has been nominated for and won several awards at international film festivals, reinforcing its standing in the documentary genre.

Final Words

Documentaries like “What Is a Woman” transcend just being a viewing experience. They become topics of discussion, subjects of academic study, and even catalysts for change.  Regardless of where you choose to watch it, the essential part is to engage with its message and share it forward.

In today’s interconnected world, there are more avenues than ever to consume and discuss content. Choose your platform, and dive into the enlightening journey that “What Is a Woman” promises to be. Another fantastic documentary, The House I Live In, is also worth checking out, and you can find our review on this website and find out more about it.